In one of those movies that stars Robin Williams in a small, quirky yet important role, there’s an interesting comment from Williams to a man who’s trying to quit smoking.  Williams said, “Someone is either a smoker or a nonsmoker. There’s no in-between. The trick is to find out which one you are, and be that. If you’re a nonsmoker, you’ll know.”

When asked about his reasons for acting, Ralph Fiennes replied, “I veer away from trying to understand why I act. I just know I need to do it.”

There are writers in the world, and non-writers.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to stop trying to write and simply be a writer.  I don’t know why I write, but I do know that something in me serves as a goad, pushing me back to the printed word over and over.  So I guess I’ll take the blame for this page.  I am Jeremy, husband of one and father of three.  I am a theologically conservative Christian who feels that belief evolves as it is exposed to the difficult questions of life.  I am as gracious as I know how to be and not nearly as gracious as I think I am.

The title of the blog comes from a play, the name of which I have long since forgotten.  The characters are debating the existence of God, questioning His reality.  Someone finally admits that the entire line of thinking is really “…the only question worth asking.”  The existence of God is the starting point of our lives in some way; how we answer that question leaves an indelible mark on our philosophy and approach to life.  It doesn’t make all the other questions go away, but it does provide a framework for asking the most important queries out there.

Keep asking, friends.


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