So you’re surfin’ the net, checking out your favorite blogsites (work with me here…assume this to be true).  You drift on over to the-only-question.blogspot.com and realize that your usual dose of literary inspiration is missing.  The URL is dead, gone, tossed aside in our disposable world.  (again, assume this is all true.)

Yeah, I moved.  I ran into some trouble with the neighbors at the old address-blogging at unreasonable hours, posting loud audio files, attracting unwholesome readers-and had to move over here.  I’d been trying to move for a while to a better neighborhood, so it all worked out for the best. 

I’m gonna take better care of this site than I did the old.  There will be a few more bells and whistles, and I’ll try not to take myself so seriously.  I think I’ll add some new links; nothing too deep, mind you, just a few frivolous additions to the somber notes I tend to post myself. 


Parks family, Arasha, Ecuador

Parks family, Arasha, Ecuador


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